Tona produces handmade moving-coil transformers

To get the full benefit of the MC pickup, its weak signal must be boosted and matched to the amplifier – a task that is far from trivial due to the magnitude of the signal.
A passive transformer has usually been seen as the most sensible solution as the transformer itself does not add noise to the signal. But the trade-off has traditionally been that you then have to sacrifice frequency response (especially low frequencies, bass) and distortion.

Since the transformer transmits power magnetically, it also avoids the transmission of hum and other noise that can degrade sound quality.
The cabinet is laser-cut from a soft iron type with very low magnetic resistance – and with a wall thickness of between 8 and 20 mm. This effectively blocks hum of any kind – whether it be of electrostatic or magnetic origin.
The large amount of soft iron in the shielding leads to a rather high overall weight of 4.6 kg, which also slows down unwanted vibrations and provides a stable base even when heavy cables have to be connected.

The cooperation with Jakob Erland, a leading manufacturer of sound studio mastering equipment (Gyraf Audio) has enabled us to handle a wide frequency range (5Hz-70kHz) while maintaining high efficiency and very low noise and distortion levels.
This is all achieved through special winding geometries, isolation methods, new core materials – and above all:
Lots of concentrated listening on all possible parameters to identify the places that becomes critical.
Tona transformers are currently being implemented in new Gyraf prototype products intended for mastering and music recording, and are used on a daily basis in one of Denmarks best known mastering studios.

Because you can have all the fine measurement data you want, and still end up with a product that is not up to expectations. All TONA transformers are continuously tested by a panel of Hi-Fi enthusiasts – where sound and musicality are the focus.

Delivery time on the TONA T20/40 is approximately 2 weeks from order