Tona HR audio recorder

The Tona HD audio recorder is a simple CPU efficient OSX program that allows to record in sampling rates up to 768 Khz *.
Made specially for the RME ADI-2 Pro 2 channel AD converter, but can be used with any audio interface.
It has some extra features that are very convenient in a recording session:

• AUX Send to VST plugins
Make a cue mix for the musicians with reverb or other effects, and choose to record the wet or dry signal

• Small audio player embedded
Make audio bounces with VST plugins added, or use it for HR playback monitoring

• Sample rate and I/O buffer sizes can be set in real time
Even when recording

• 4 user presets

• High sample rate recording
Make 784Khz recordings *

• Processing of VST
Do not limit the HD signal  as there is no blocking filter at 20Khz
The VST plugins available are usually 192Khz or lower, but the higher HD signal remains intact by using parallel processing

A complete solution to high resolution recordings in 192, 352.8, 384 and 768 Khz
Use it for LP vinyl ripping, or with a stereo recording setup.
Use it where your DAW gives up on CPU.

* Depending on your audio interface highest sample rate