High resolution music recordings

Tona HR recording service is only available in Denmark

Tona offers quality audio recordings for classical ensembles, choir, acoustic contemporary music, etc.
Get the sound that defined music from the 1950s and 60s: natural sound with fullness and roundness.

Recording takes place with a custom built stereo ribbon microphone where all instruments are clearly defined.
Transformer based vintage preamplifiers, ensure rich sound quality.
This preserves the phase and stereo perspective, which ultimately contributes to a more authentic recording of the music.
The technique is also called “one mic recording”, See examples here on Youtube

What is High Resolution Audio
HD audio is audio recorded up to 16 times higher quality than CD, in this case up to DSD format and DXD (352.8Khz)
Why Choose HD Audio: http://blog.nativedsd.com/sell-albums-multiple-dsd-bit-rates-dxd/

Benefits for musicians
• No complicated set-ups
• Music gets live recording live
• No phase failure with Blumlein stereo setup, it means cleaner and more authentic stereo perspective
• No long sessions

What are you getting
• Mobile recording studio comes to your place (Denmark only)
• Post-production
• Delivery of audio formats: DSD or DXD, as well as common formats for streaming, email, etc. (FLAC, MP3, AAC)
• Delivery of DPP files to CD, SACD production, etc.
• Photography of session for press material

Sound examples

Requiem Flamenco, Budolfi Kirke Aalborg 2018

by Jens Viggo Fjord

Improvised Jazz

by Anders Kortsen - Claus Schültz