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Custom step-up transformer (SUT) for moving coil (MC) cartridges

This SUT is detailed and very open sounding
No ringing up to 100Khz ensures very good definition

Each SUT is hand-made, using point to point wiring and individually tested before shipping
Highest grade wide band nanocrystalline toroidal core
Silver/OCC cable and Litz wire, ensures a very wide band response without need for any correction resistor circuit
Frequency response 20hz to 100khz -1.5dB (@ 3Ω / 47KΩ)

TA10: Gain 20dB (ratio: 1:10)
TA15: Gain 23.5dB (ratio: 1:15)
TA20 gain 26dB (ratio: 1:20)

Matched pair – stereo version
Rhodium plated RCA terminals
Solid mahogany cabinet, with 4mm engraved aluminium front plate and A4 stainless bolts
MU-metal can and copper screen
Vibration dampened enclosure
Dimensions: 125 (W) × 70(H) × 125(D) mm
Made in Denmark

The transformers comes with an individual frequency test response chart, and are burned in for a 24 hour period with specially made oscillator software. This guarantees a smooth degaussing.